Commonly Asked Questions

Where do the doves go once they are released?
They fly home where they were born (our lofts) safe and sound. We release only well trained and well cared for banded birds, which have been raised and trained to return home to their loft.

If one turns up missing, am I responsible?
No, as our birds are of very high quality and are well trained, it's a very rare occurrence. We DO NOT release birds beyond a range they are unable to safely fly home.

Will they soil my clothes?
They fly with their legs tucked up under themselves and can not "let one go" during flight. We also take care to instruct the Bride & Groom (on,y if they wish to hold) on the proper way to hold birds to avoid any accidents. We do not feed pryor to release to take extra care.

Are they clean?
Extremely. They are refrigerator white, and they or given baths regularly, before each release. They are also safe & healthy, and do not carry bird viruses common in wild birds

What if it rains?
They will still fly with light rain or wind. If there is lightning and thunder or high winds, we will cancel and refund.  See our contract for details. If the wedding is moved indoors and the weather clears, we can move outside for the release.

Can we pick up birds for "self release"?
No, the birds may only be released by one of our trained handlers. We do not sell birds for "self  releases or shipped releases".

How do your release coordinator's dress for the occasion?
Our coordinator's wear appropriate attire for all events and are 100% reliable and on time.

Can the doves fly in a heart shaped formation as shown in our photo?
No, we just happened to get that picture of them on a day we were taking photo's. We thought it was romantic. However, they usually circle before heading home.