Special Occasions

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The dove release must be outdoors and will be similar to a fireworks display
to ensure that photo and video preserve this incredible moment. 
Family and friends can hold and release doves as well. 
Deposit required to reserve date& time. 
Balance due 2 weeks prior to ceremony.

All releases must be done approximately one hour before sunset. 


Make a long remembered birthday releasing a dove into the air to represent your miles since your birth, but always with the eye on the sky. A flock of white doves can also be released at the same time adding a unique touch that invite you to rejoice and celebrate this special day with your family and friends.

Sweet Sixteen

For a beginning fresh and new, waiting for you in this special day to rise and greet the coming years, our specialist will bring sixteen pure white doves to celebrate one for each year so sweet.
The whirling sound of their wings as they soar skyward, a spectacular sight will be long remembered by friends and family!


Make your graduation day unforgettable with a White Dove release that will fly free, far and high to represent your dreams that reach for the sky. Family and friends will carry the joy as well in a very unique way as you begin your flight on the wonderful road of a new life.


Make your anniversary day unique as you and your partner release two doves to proclaim your everlasting love to the world, high and wide. Then a flock of additional doves will be release to represent your family and friends that celebrates your pledge to remain faithful as the doves in your life journey.


Wings of white at a baptism represent all God's pure sweet love, heaven open from above, the Holy Spirit descending in the form of a Dove. Your family and friends will always remember the sight of the release of these gorgeous creatures to represent the blessing from on High.