The serene assent of a "lone white dove" joining with a flock of awaiting angels provides a special way of saying good bye, for family and friends. A family member may release a single dove symbolizing the departed spirit make his or her final journey home, while a flock of awaiting angels escorts them to return to the arms of God.

The dove is universally recognized as a symbol of peace and rest that encompasses all cultures and traditions. In Egypt, the dove is a symbol of quiet innocence. In the Chinese culture, the dove is associated with longevity and peace in the next life. In ancient Japan the dove was sacred and the symbolic messenger for Hachiman, the god of war and divine protector of Japan and its people. A dove with a sword announced the end to war. In the Christian tradition told in book of Mathew, Christ alluded to the love and gentleness of the dove when he used doves in this analogy,
"Behold, I send you out as a sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves".
As the funeral doveflies into the sky, for Christians it symbolizes resurrection and eternal peaceful rest. And a beautiful and poetic phrase from 55th Psalm epitomizes the reverence of the place in our hearts held by doves:

"On that I had wings like a dove, for then I would fly away, and be at rest".

.Ask your funeral director to add a memorials dove release to a graveside service for your loved one.  You may contact us directly to set up a memorial dove release at the location of your choice.